Ton Baggerman is a psychotherapist and an author.

Ton wants to add to the integration of science. He does this by exploring an underlying and connecting principle of a formative tendency in nature. 'Formative tendency' refers to the principle of the pursuit of meaning on all levels of nature, ranging from sub-atomic level to stellar, animate as well as inanimate. This principle is recognized in psychology, psychotherapy, economics, biology and physics. How about other sciences?

In October 2017 the first milestone in this project materialised into the book 'The Universe, Life and Everything. Dialogues on our Changing Understanding of Reality' by Sarah Durston and Ton Baggerman

In February 2019, a second book was released: It's About Us. Meaning, emotions and mental health in post-Newtonian reality.

Meanwhile a multidisciplinary community for further exploration of this new understanding of reality - through action learning - is growing. And some of the applications in the field are now being tested.

Ton's current work as a psychotherapist centers around the treatment of trauma disorders such as PTSS an DID.